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Looking for a special wedding gift? Check out these DIY Scrabble coasters made with love words!
For a couple friend of ours, the game Scrabble has special significance. They played the game on their first date and he actually used the board game to ask her to marry him. So, when they got married, I knew I wanted to give them a special gift using Scrabble as the inspiration. Unfortunately, it took me way too long to actually turn my thought into reality, but eventually I made them Scrabble drink coasters using wedding words to send to them as part of their gift.
I was thrilled with how they turned out and hope the couple loves them as well.
Love Words Scrabble Tile Drink Coasters
If you are interested in making your own Scrabble coasters, I’ve outlined the steps below.
The first step was gathering my supplies. I used:

  • 1 Scrabble board game
  • 1 piece brown felt (with adhesive on one side already)
  • Exacto knife or scissors
  • Glue

Making Drink Coasters with Scrabble Tiles
Next I had to brainstorm words. The coasters measure 4 tiles wide by 4 tiles tall so that narrowed the words down significantly. I used mostly 4 letter words interspersed with a few 3 letter words using the blank tiles. I first tried to have words going both horizontally and vertically, but that proved too difficult using only the tiles from one Scrabble game. So instead I wrote out four words horizontally and one word vertically on each coaster. The vertical word shifted on each coaster from the first row down to the last row, just to keep it interesting.
Then I cut the felt into 4 squares and used the adhesive backing to stick the tiles down.
Scrabble Tile Love Coasters
Once all the tiles were placed, I trimmed down the felt.
Scrabble Tile Drink Coasters
In order to keep the coasters together, I glued in between the tiles both horizontally and vertically.
Making drink coasters with Scrabble tiles
Voila! Wipe them down and that’s it.
Here are the words I used just in case you cannot see them in the photograph above.
Coaster #1: Kiss, Need, Only, True, Knot
Coaster #2: Chat, Dote, Mar (month of their wedding), Zeal, Home
Coaster #3: Love, Amor, Two, Best, Vows
Coaster #4: Ring, Pair, I Do, Anew, Grow
What do you think? Cute or cheesy? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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Jennifer · February 4, 2014 at 6:25 pm

Those are adorable! I sell them on my website with cork on the bottom ( My only suggestion is to be sure to use a waterproof (non water soluble glue). 🙂

    Deanna · February 13, 2014 at 10:16 pm

    Thanks and good point. I probably should have sealed them with polyurethane as I have some of that on hand.

Rachel @ Ongoing Planner · July 31, 2013 at 2:45 pm

Super cute! Great idea and execution!

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