We Finally Picked Out House Colors – Shades of Gray

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I love, love, LOVE the trend toward neutral colors – as opposed to the kaleidoscope effect of painting every room a different bold color we saw in the past 2 decades! And I’m beyond thrilled that gray is the hot color. It can be so calming and soothing while playing well with so many other colors.
We love the gray paint colors so much, we’re re-painting our new house with a soft color palette of cool and warm grays with white and natural wood contrasts.
After much deliberation and testing different color samples, these are the colors we’ve decided on. Brett and I have been hard at work painting the living room (thanks for your help Dan!) and I’ve spent more time than I like to admit, painting the office. Man, painting wood trim is a tricky beast! I’ll have some lessons learned posted soon.

Popular Shades of Gray Paint Colors

What do you think of our color choices?
The living room and playroom will be painted the Tempered Gray.
The dining room will be painted Tempered Gray on top and Winter Sky Grey on the bottom to compliment the original wood trim.
The 3 bedrooms upstairs will be painted Tempered Gray and Requisite Gray with white woodwork in Ultra White.
We are still deciding on the kitchen and bathrooms. Goodness, it’s a long to-do list so I better get back to it!
UPDATE: We are painting the kitchen Tempered Gray with white cabinetry, black appliances, and butcher block countertops. I cannot wait to get it finished and show it off. 
The downstairs bathroom was painted in Requisite Gray. Just a few more finishing touches before a reveal there too.

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