Have You Heard of Capsule Meal Plans?

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Have You Heard of Capsule Meal Plans?

This is the Little Green Bow Community Newsletter from 4.14.19.

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Can I ask you an honest question? Do you hate grocery shopping as much as I do?

Okay, maybe that is not the juicy question you were expecting, but I have to tell you I loathe grocery shopping. So much.

When I’m playing the, “if I won the lottery, how would I spend my money?” game, grocery shopping is one of those chores I dream of off-loading to someone else. There is just something about figuring out what to cook, making a grocery list, going to the store, walking up and down the aisles, looking at labels, purchasing it all, getting it home, cooking it, and hoping my family likes the food. The whole thing feels like too many decisions I have to make in a condensed period.

Then we moved to Europe for the year and my hatred of grocery shopping was taken to a new level. At the grocery stores in Munich, the aisles are smaller, the stores are more crowded, and you have to bag your own groceries – while the checker whips them down the conveyer belt at lightning speed and a crowd of people stare at you. Oh, and not to mention, it’s all in a foreign language to me. My palms are getting sweaty just thinking about it.

When we lived in Chicago, I found an amazing meal box company that I adored. If you live in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, and most of Missouri & Minnesota you can try them out. It’s called Meez Meals.

*use code “refDeannaYates” if you want to try Meez Meals and you’ll receive $25 off your first order.*

I love so many things about Meez Meals – the food was always delicious, it was easy to pick my menu each week, my then 4 year old daughter ate the meals and liked them, and cooking was a breeze because all of the produce was pre-cut and the sauces pre-made. Seriously, I had delicious “fancy” dinner on the table every night in 30 minutes. It was heaven for a full-time working mama who hates the grocery store.

This was the best dinner box program I found and I am sad it’s not an option for me right now.

But, back to Germany and I knew I did not want to spend the year in grocery store hell, so I came up with a solution – Capsule Meal Plans.

I already live with a capsule wardrobe and I wondered if the same principle of mixing and matching could be applied to food. Turns out, it totally can and I was able to come up with 7 dinners using between 15 – 20 ingredients.

This meant I was able to condense my grocery shopping to 1 day a week (vs. the normal daily shopping routine in Europe!), get all my groceries into 2 large shopping bags (because I have to walk from the store and up 3 flights of stairs), and save money (I am able to feed the 3 of us breakfast, lunch, and dinner for around $75 each week).

Cooking with a Capsule Meal Plan has transformed my relationship with the grocery store. No, I do not magically love grocery shopping now, but knowing that I only have to go once a week, can save money, and have 3 meals a day has definitely helped.

If you are interested in checking out a Capsule Meal Plan, I wrote a blog post about the process of how to create a your own plan, a sample week of meals, and I have a free recipe book in my Freebies Library.

What are one of the chores you wish you could get rid of or make easier? Are you like me with grocery shopping or is it something else? Reply back and let me know.

P.S. If you decide to try Meez Meals, don’t forget to use code refDeannaYates for $25 off your first order.

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Want an easy way to meal plan for the week? This Capsule Meal Plan makes 7 easy family dinners with only 20 ingredients. Quick, delicious, and cheap. What more could you want?
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