How to Have a Half-Full Mindset and Get the Life You Deserve

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How to Have a Half-Full Mindset and Get the Life You Deserve

This is the Little Green Bow Community Newsletter from 4.28.19.

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Is your glass half full or half empty?

It’s the classic question we use to quickly determine if you’re an optimist or pessimist. When I was younger, I was clearly in the half full optimist camp. But, over the years I have felt myself drifting into half empty territory.

At a recent dinner party the topic of conversation turned to traveling. We were dining with another family that just returned from a 6 month trip to Australia so it was fun comparing our experiences. At some point, I mentioned that I wished we had traveled more in our 20’s. The father from the other family looked at me and said, “Your focus was on different things in your 20’s. You made a choice at the time that was best. And, you’re traveling now.”

He was talking about how we were probably busy working on our careers back then, but I couldn’t stop thinking about his comment. He was right. My family has done lots of traveling. We have seen so much of this world that other’s only dream of. It’s something I think about when we travel to more impoverished places like Guatemala and Morocco. And yet, when I am alone with my thoughts, I tend to think of the places we haven’t been or that time we should have traveled, but didn’t.

The thing is, I made the best choice I could at the time based on the information and knowledge I had. Back then, I was caught up in the life I was “supposed to” live. The one based on the American Dream that always pushes you to want more. It’s one of the reasons I am so passionate about this Capsule Lifestyle idea. I want to simplify my life (and that of my family’s) so that we can do what we choose to do without being weighed down by stuff. But, I’m also not going to be living in a tiny home to do it. The idea behind a Capsule Life is to:

  • Live in a beautiful home with less stuff so our minds are less cluttered
  • Dress with a stylish Capsule Wardrobe so we are not stressed with the daily decision of what to wear
  • Fix quick and healthy dinners based on a Capsule Meal Plan so we can enjoy a home-cooked meal every night
  • Maximize our time so that we can enjoy life with our family more

What would you be able to achieve or go after if you were less concerned with getting more or keeping up with the Joneses? Would you be able to take a job you really love instead of one that pays the best? Would you choose to stay home with your family and be able to live on one income?

One thing I know for sure, living a Capsule Lifestyle is helping me move past the desire for more stuff while finding more joy and contentment. And it can work for you too!

So how do you know if a Capsule Lifestyle is for you?

Here are a few ways we can adopt a Capsule Lifestyle mindset to see if it works for us:

Understand that Less is More

In the book The Paradox of Choice – Why More Is Less by Barry Schwartz, the author discusses how more choice leaves us feeling less satisfied in our lives. In 2000, a famous study was conducted to look at how consumer purchases correspond to the number of choices available.

The thinking at the time was that the more choices a consumer had, the more they would purchase. In the study, samples of 24 jams were offered for customers to try when they were at the grocery store. On a different day, shoppers were presented with a table of only 6 jams to taste. While the table with more choice attracted more people, these samplers were only one-tenth as likely to make a purchase. This study (and others) have shown that too many choices can produce “choice paralysis,” but that it can also reduce people’s satisfaction with their decisions, even if they made good ones.

With a Capsule Lifestyle, you minimize decision fatigue everyday by dressing with a more versatile closet, surrounding yourself with less clutter, knowing what you will make for dinner, and decreasing distractions.

Give up the Fear of Missing Out

Another way we keep ourselves unhappy is to buy into the concept of FOMO – the fear of missing out. Herbert Simon, a psychologist from the 1950’s coined the descriptions of  maximizer vs. satisficers to describe how people make decisions. A maximizer is a person who needs to be assured that their every purchase or decision was the best that could be made. They conduct a lot of research and consider ALL of the alternatives. This is a psychologically demanding and tiring task, especially as the number of choices or options increases.

A satisficer, considers options and alternatives, but is satisfied with the decision they make and does not worry about the possibility that there might be something better. In other words, they are not scare of what they may have missed out on and enjoy their decision (thing they purchased, place they went, meal they had, etc.). This produces much more happiness over their lifetimes.

A Capsule Lifestyle gives you the opportunity to stop chasing all the alternatives and be happy with what you have said yes to.

Choose to Focus on the Positive

Finally a Capsule Lifestyle mindset can be adopted by focusing on the good things in life. Instead of shopping for and always wanting more, we can make the decision to be happy by finding joy in the things we choose to own and the experiences we choose to participate in. Writing in a gratitude journal is a great way to acknowledge the things we are grateful for on a daily basis. I also love playing the high-low game at dinner with my family. It gives us a chance to appreciate the small victories and pleasures of everyday life.

The Capsule Life gives you the space you need to breathe in order to take the time to slow down and “smell the roses”.

And so my question for you this week is, are you ready to join me on a Capsule Lifestyle mission? If so, which area (home, style, meals, or time) do you want to focus on improving the most this year?

Post a comment and let me know! I promise I ready every one and this way I’ll know how I can help you the most.


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