Give Yourself More Time

Master your time! Understand how to be more productive by capsulizing the amount of time you spend on each project. I help you create more space in your life to breath and enjoy free time with your family.

Are You Ready for the Life of your Dreams?

Get ready to rock your goals! This goal setting workbook will help you finally achieve them. No more failed New Year's Resolutions. No more letting yourself down. It's your turn to get the life you've been dreaming about!
How setting big goals helped me quit my job and travel the world with my family. I want to show you how I did it and help you get the awesome life you want too!

How Goal Setting Helped Me Quit and Travel the World

How Goal Setting Helped Me Quit and Travel the World Are you tired of setting goals or making New Year’s Resolutions, but never following through? Did you know that only 8% of people actually accomplish their resolutions? What if you could move past goal setting and crush your goals every

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What are SMART goals? Learn what smart goals are and how to use them. Since implementing these strategies, my life has changed. I no longer hate work a job I hate and have traveled the world with my family for over a year now. What will you do?

What are SMART Goals?

What Are SMART Goals? Have you ever heard of SMART Goals? It’s an acronym that was coined in 1981 by Dr. George Doran as a way to create better goals that could be measured and thus, achieved.  While SMART goals were originally created for the office environment so one could

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Do you want to be happy, but are not sure how to be happy? These 17 happiness secrets and habits of happy people will help you achieve more happiness and live a life filled with more joy. #9 is my favorite.

How to Be Happy: 17 Things Happy People Do

How to Be Happy: 17 Unique Things Happy People Do If you think about the meaning of life, lots of people say it’s to be happy, but do most of us really know how to be happy? I actually think in our modern age, we have disconnected from what happiness

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11 Books to Make this Your Best. Year. Ever. Start reshaping your life into the life you want to live. Yes! It's possible. Books #2 and #4 have changed my life and I'm working through #7 now. Wow!

11 Books that will Change Your Life

11 Books that will Change Your Life The following books can change your life. Yes. It’s true. I know it’s a bold statement, but if you take action based on the information provided in these books, your life will look drastically different in a year.  Don’t believe me? Think about

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The Best Family Morning Routine for a Happy 2019

Do you dread getting your family out the door in the morning? Are there regular meltdowns? Lost socks? Yelling and screaming? There are no judgements here. I’ve been there and it’s awful. But, you know what worked for us…a family morning routine. Read on and I will tell you our

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Help Your Kids Play Independently with Bored Jars

Pin for later! (or share with a friend who would like this) Do you have a child that struggles to play independently? Are they constantly saying they are bored, asking you what to do, or saying, “Mom, play with me?” If so, you are not alone.  As an only child,

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