The Best Blogging Resources

Are you ready to start your own blogging journey? Do you have a hobby blog that you are looking to turn into a business? Either way, you are going to need some help.

Blogging is an amazing adventure, but worked years ago (when everyone was new to the game) will not work now. Readers are more sophisticated and expect you to be on the top of your game if you really want to turn this into a money-making endeavor.

But, have no fear! There is so much information about what to use and how to set up your blog that I wanted to put together a comprehensive list for you in one place.

What Blogging Resources are Best for New Bloggers?

When you are ready to start your blog, these are the top blogging resources to help you on your journey.

I cannot say enough good things about Ruth Soukup’s Elite Blog Academy. This is the ONE blog course you need to take if you are serious about making serious money on your blog. Ruth makes multiple 7 figures with her blog (and now media company) every year. She basically wrote the book on how to make this whole blogging thing work and she is so sweet that you cannot help but like her.

Her students are some of the most successful bloggers out there and consistently talk about how they make anywhere from $10k to over $100k per month from their blogs. I’m not there yet on the income scale, but I am on my way thanks to this comprehensive course.

I will warn, that the course is not cheap, but the investment is totally worth it. Even if you are not quite ready to commit to the full EBA course, you should sign up for the Elite Blog Academy list because Ruth gives away some seriously awesome material for free! For example, this Beginners Guide to The Beginner’s Guide to Branding Your Blog and The Secret Blueprint for Blogging Success are just a couple of the amazing guides she gives away for free!

EBA 4.0 is being released in early 2019, be sure to get on the waitlist now. If you missed it this year, be sure to jump on the waitlist so that you don’t miss it again. EBA is only open for 5 days and with our busy schedules it will be easy to miss it – and you DON’T want to do that again.

It’s no secret that Pinterest is a bloggers dream platform, but gone are the days of easy group board growth and pinning anything you want. Now we have Tailwind and Tribes, the Pinterest algorithm and business accounts. Not sure what I am talking about, then you need to sign up for this course. Melissa does an amazing job of making Pinterest simple and there are some really cool bonuses that will set you up for success. Pinterest is my #1 referrer of traffic to my blog and what I credit a lot of my success to. (I recommend this course after you complete EBA)

The creator of this course earns over $50,000 a month through affiliate marketing on her blog. She shares her exact strategy and tips in this very informative online course. If you’re a blogger and want to make a serious income, then you NEED this course. She walks you through exactly how to make a more passive income from blogging, even while you’re sleeping. (I recommend this course after you complete EBA)

Hi there awesome mama!

I’m Deanna – blogger, mama, wife, crafter, do-it-yourselfer, traveler, and coffee lover (in no particular order). I’m happy you found me on your journey. Here you will find tips, tricks, and hacks to making your home lovely, increasing your family’s happiness, organizing everything, and crafting the awesome life you deserve.

Let’s get to it!

Want your home to be a relaxing cozy retreat? Just organizing is not the way. Join our 7-day decluttering challenge to get to the bottom of your organizing woes and live your best life.

Best Tools for Growing Your Blog

This is what I use to grow my Pinterest account and blog. Tailwind helps you pin consistently by automating your pins. It also helps you find great content to pin with their Tribes. I am able to cut my Pinterest time down to about 1 hour per week with this tool. You can get a free month by signing up here.

Your email list is the most important aspect of your blog. Yes, blog visitors and page views are great, but if you are not growing your email list, you will never generate the income you are dreaming of. You owe it to yourself to set you blog up for success with a great email platform that is built for nurturing your email list. They also offer awesome training like List Building Guides for free. Of course, you could start with something free like MailChimp, but you will probably need to move everyone over within a few months so it’s best to start strong on a platform you want to grow on.


Another tool for growing your email list, Leadpages is the box that pops up or sits within your blog post asking people to download your free giveaway. It works really well with WordPress and has several other features like landing pages that help our readers become engaged subscribers.

As I said, Pinterest is my biggest traffic referrer and so creating amazing pins that my readers share is really important for me. While my pins are created with Canva, I use Tasty Pins to make sure only the images I want pinned from my blog make it onto Pinterest. Since you never know which photo your readers will finally click to Pin, I like having control over this. That way I can make sure the vertical pin with the best image and caption is the one the world will see.

Best Books for Growing Your Blog

One of the biggest fears I hear from others when they are starting on their blogging journey is that they are not an expert or that they have nothing to offer their readers. This is so not true! Everyone’s an expert at something. You just need to figure out what you are knowledgeable and passion about. Plus, being an expert is not knowing EVERYTHING about a topic, but I’ll let Meera help you discover this. This is an awesome book when you are just starting out and nailing down your blog topic.

Bonus – This book is available on Kindle Unlimited. This means you can read it for free with this free trial.

I will be focusing on my Facebook page this year. About 10 years late to the party, but Facebook has always been my nemesis. However, since my traffic is mostly from Pinterest and Facebook, it’s time I doubled down on both platforms. This books makes growing your page make sense. It addresses the crazy algorithm and shows you how it’s a good thing for you and your brand. Other have experienced amazing success with these strategies and I am looking forward to some great growth too.

This book offers amazing advice for organizing your business finances. Mike takes your budgeting nightmares and makes it really simple for you to keep your finances in order. It’s about putting your profit margins first – essentially paying yourself first. The book is about finances, but I think you will find it helping in other areas of your life too.

**If you prefer to listening to audiobooks, Amazon is giving Little Green Bow readers two free audio books (if you are new to Audible). Simply go here to claim your books! 

I’m a fan of investing in your dreams…as long as they are the right things! Please take this information and use the thousands of collective hours and knowledge put together by the experts and those who have gone before you to make your dreams a reality faster than you imagined possible.

What are you going to invest in today?

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