A Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019 Edition

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Father's Day Gift Guide 2019 - Give him a gift he'll love. Gift ideas for dads, husbands, brothers, uncles. Even a free printable book for the kids to complete (and it will melt Dad's heart!)

Did you know that Father’s Day in Germany is actually celebrated in May this year and it’s on Thursday, not Sunday? I didn’t either until I started researching different traditions for Mother’s Day and discovered this fun little tidbit about Father’s Day. That means I have less time to work on my Father’s day gift guide so that I can be ready both here in Germany and for my dad back in the US.

I know holiday dates and different celebration times shouldn’t surprise me, but these are the little things I find most interesting about living in a different country. It’s a great reminder to step outside of the “always done it this way” thinking and grow as a person. Okay, that may be a bit deep for a gift guide.

But, you might now be wondering as I was, how do they celebrate Father’s Day in Germany?

How Father’s Day is Celebrated in Germany

Surprisingly, the day is much less about celebrating fathers and more about men getting to hang with their buddies for the day. Oh, and since it always falls on Ascension Day (40 days after Easter), it is on a Thursday and a federal holiday so most people have the day off work. 

Popular activities for Father’s Day in Germany include a pub tour of Dad’s favorite bars, a day at a biergarten, a group bike ride (of course with beer), or gathering in a park with buddies to play yard games, grill food, and drink lots of beer. Are you seeing a pattern here?

So while gifts are not as common here (or they are kept pretty small), a Father’s Day Gift Guide is still important for those of us that celebrate in the States.

Here are a few gift ideas the most important men in your life will enjoy. There are ideas for men who are handy, enjoy gourmet food, like to work out, are always on the go, and even ends with an idea for the guy who already has everything.

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